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Management trainees in front of the Dome building: That’s the way to become a topmanager. (Photo: Jørgen Sperling)BOSSES SHOULD BE AFFECTED

THE DANISH WOMEN’S way to management positions goes via accounting. That’s what a member’s survey of the Leader’s Central Association tells.

TWO OUT OF THREE female leaders are, according to it, managers of economics or controlling. Almost all of the remaining third are personnel managers.
Areas like sales, technology, export, production, marketing, purchase or computing are almost never run by women.

IT MAY well be they do not like it. In this case it is not a lack of emancipation. Maybe Danish women with leadership ambitions simply have nicer manners.

Even though he had certainly lied a lot, Vladimir Lenin was probably right in this saying:
- The true leader must dive into the people’s spring!

THAT SUSPICION arises when you look at how 300 mostly male management-apprentices from 45 countries meet in these days in Copenhagen. Yesterday they went even further than Lenin’s spring-bid: They dropped their clothes and threw themselves into the shitty waters of H. C. Ørsted’s Park, so the feasting guests at the rifle’s playground must have shaken despite the burning sun.

ALREADY for breakfast the top talents picked a striptease show. This fittingly took place at Danmark’s Technical University - as the engineers’ institute is called nowadays in a vain attempt to snob up more students.
The coming international top leaders then demonstrated their creativity by bearing bodies in front of the Dome in Copenhagen. And they ended their concurrence at their self-chosen assembly place - the King’s Garden - with a competition on who could build the highest tower from beer crates.

AFTER SO having honed their leading talents in each other’s company, one can imagine how they can, in the future, as managers of IBM, Shell, ØK, or BMW, experience some interesting managers’ meetings in the world’s capitals.

YOU SEE, FROM THIS background it is completely impossible that Danish women seek the top through accounting. They must throw their clothes and jump in park lakes if they want to qualify as real rulers over this otherwise vale of tears.

THE YUPPIES will also visit Christiania for the rest of today. So that they can see what the options to a career are.
That is quite smart for some of them.

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