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Now how did I get at these figures you wonder? Well, for the early years I counted heads on the group photos... a job for someone who have killed their father and mother, as we say... Of course these figures are not accurate to the utmost. Not everyone is in the group picture (overslept, sick, in sauna, doesn’t like to be in a photo, too small to be seen, etc...), and on the officical dinner in the evening there are always some 50 locals more. But you get the idea... (I doubt the 1992 figure is accurate. The group picture didn’t allow for proper counting, and my badge read “250”.)

GTG headcount

The figures for 2000 in detail: 239 guests from 42 nations crowded the place, and 304 heads were counted for the official dinner.

The figures for 2002 in detail: 238 guests swarmed over the city, and tables were decked with 288 plates for the official dinner.

The figures for 2003 in detail: about 175 guests participated in the event, and 345 servings were handed out during the official dinner.

And just in case you cared: IAESTE Copenhagen hardly ever made any profit on the whole thing... rather they had some losses in 2000, which is one of the reasons why 2001 was cancelled. In 2002 Troels, the GTG treasurer and lover of rare single malt whiskies, introduced a tailor-made accounting thinggummy allowing him to tell you in real-time and down to the Øre how well or not well the project was faring. Guess what, it didn’t help...

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