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GTG Caps

OK, here’s the first special section: A collection of GTG caps. Every GTG has caps. Caps are available for PGs and for OC members. PG caps are usually red, though they were bordeaux in 1996. OC caps used to be blue, but have shifted to black in 1999. On a single rare occasion caps have even been available for ordinary delegates. Explanation: Since delegates notoriously tried to steal PGs’ caps, the OC tried to sell green caps to ordinary delegates in 1997. What a scam...!

1993 OC cap - an early variation on the pig logo...

1993 PG cap - ...yet the actual “pigs” only got plain caps without a logo.

1994 OC cap - the pig logo as seen throughout many later years.

1994 PG cap

1996 OC cap - this time the year is included.

1996 PG cap - they were bordeaux in this particular year. As you can see, this is a Cap I Have. But wait - I wasn’t a PG in 1996...?! So, yeah, right, I cheated myself to one...

1997 OC cap

1997 PG cap

1997 delegate cap - green! I figure they sold about half a dozen...

1998 OC cap - nothing special about this one. They started varying the logo in 1998.

1998 PG cap. Another Cap I Have.

1999 OC cap - the first black cap. You can see clearly that the logo is very small. A better quality than usual, however.

1999 PG cap - again, nothing special. The third Cap I Have.

2000 OC cap - another black cap. A tiny logo again this year, and, again, a better quality. It is the fourth Cap I Have.

2000 PG cap - again, nothing special.

2002 OC and PG cap - another blue cap. This one is a Tuborg Christmas Cap, and it follows the GTG’s theme, “Christmas in August”. OC and PG were only distinguished by the fact that OC had a printed nametag... It is the fifth Cap I Have.

2002 delegate cap - this is special in many ways: Every delegate got one, and a red one, and a Christmas Cap, also here because of the theme.

2003 OC and PG cap - a red cap. This one is actually not even a cap, but a pirate’s headcloth, and it follows the GTG’s theme, which apparently was something like “Piracy”. OC and PG were only distinguished by the fact that OC had a printed nametag...

2003 delegate cap - this year again, every delegate got one. It’s a headcloth, too.

2004 OC cap - a two-coloured, grey/black cap.

2004 PG cap - The same as the OC, just without the two colours.

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