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Copenhagen GTG 1999

Yet another GTG, and again we were the PGs... We definitely enjoyed it, again. As concerns the following pages, I must firstly admit that not all of the pictures are actually mine. Most were made with IAESTE Danmark’s digital camera, so they’re the same pictures IAESTE show on their website. BUT of course only my pictures are commented and assorted in sections... all for your viewing pleasure! As for my own pictures - well, they’re now finally there as well.

It was another GTG one had to love. As a PG member, I can say that we had a lot of good organization, so that things went smoothly - not that it really was less work because of that... but it was good fun. As concerns the delegates: Well, you can see from the famous group picture that we were far less than in other years. That doesn’t mean less fun, though: One of the pleasant things of the GTG is that it’s so freely scalable. Whether you have 200 or 300 delegates doesn’t really matter. You just need a bit more here, a bit less there, but the amount of fun people can have is a constant.

Finally it should not be omitted, even though it was never stated during the GTG itself, that it was the 25th anniversary! I think that’s something worth mentioning.

So now off you go, as I said, assorted by subjects:

KarenAh, and another thing: That Australian Rocket Scientist (err, this should read laser physicist...), Karen, current location unknown, made a 1999 homepage of her own which has since deceased. Too bad. Sorry.

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