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Copenhagen Gettogether

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Altogether at GTG 2004

“Look Ma, what is this?” - “Ssshhh, my boy, it is a museum. We must be quiet in here.”

The GetToGether. A museum. Well, but sadly that’s what it is. The GTG 2005, in which I did not participate, has been the last in a proud tradition of more than a quarter of a century. I can only assume that the good people of IAESTE Danmark have not succeeded in passing on the staff to the next generation. Both ancient OCP MoK and ancient reporter me are now parents and no longer partake in the silly games students used to play. And after us - silence.

The Copenhagen GTG. What is this? Some of you may know AIESEC, the International Association for Students in Economic Sciences, and IAESTE, the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. In the pretty Danish city of København, a. k. a. Copenhagen, the two associations have for more than 25 years now staged a meeting for students, mostly trainees, which in its heydays gets visited by some 350 young women and men from all over the globe. The meeting takes place in the first half of August, it lasts four days, and jolly days they are.

This site is dedicated to the event, and it is brought to you by one who has seen if not it all, then at least a lot: According to latest counts, I have been to Copenhagen 9 times in 11 years, met my girlfriend there (who stuck with me, incredible enough, and eventually even got married to me in 2002, even more incredible!), and now also participated occasionally in the organizing by attending as a so-called “PG” - a voluntary aide assisting the organizing committee and doing everything from guiding tours to sweeping floors, in other words: a complete lunatic. In 2000, Barbara and I also went there as chair pair...

But more on that later. For now, on to the pix: This site is foremostly a picture gallery, displaying whatever film, including the digital stuff, I have shot away in past years. All pictures are thumbnails and can be clicked. Furthermore you’ll find snippets of information and gadgets, there used to be a forum for exchange of information, opinions and the like, and a guestbook which couple thousands of visitors had made a tradition of not signing, but I shut down those, as they were overladen with spam.

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